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Incredible. I absolutely love it! Cloudstudios has allowed me to grow online!

- Noah S. NFitness

As CEO of nastyflo and the only employee - I spent a of time emailing, tracking payment, creating spreadsheets, ensuring the right people got the right links or recordings. Life before Cloudstudios involved a lot more tedious work for me, which took away from the creative aspects of teaching movement.

- Florence B. NastyFlo

I thrive in rooms full of bodies moving and breathing together. That's my workplace, that's the thing I'm trained in. Before 2020, I hardly used my computer. Cloudstudios has allowed me to focus on the teaching, and let them handle the rest.

- Sam M. SamMegarryYoga

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Easily launch your website by using simplified text fields, uploading your images and choosing your colours. Manage your services and your customers from an easy-to-use dashboard.

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Create your own space online to host your business, powered by Cloudstudios.

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Share upcoming classes that will be available for purchase on your website. Host classes both online and in person.

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Build a library of video content under your own brand.

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Use the Linkouts feature to share the links that are important to you with your community.

Packages & Monthly Passes

Offer value to your clients by creating packages, monthly passes and subscription plans.

Sliding Scale Pricing

Offer flexible pricing to your clients with sliding scale pricing options.

Admin & Client Management

Track purchases, business engagement, client data and access deep insights into your business.

Client Accounts

Account holders can enter their credit card, make one-click purchases, subscribe to your plans, and more.

Guest Checkouts

New clients can make purchases without creating an account. Guest Checkouts require a credit card entry with every purchase.

Automated Email Communications

Clients receive automated email confirmations and day of reminders upon making purchases on your site.

Accept Payments, From Anywhere

Cloudstudios is securely powered by Stripe to safely handle all of your banking information and transactions.

Multiple Currencies

Run your business and accept payments in your domestic currency.

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Create your own space online to host your business, powered by Cloudstudios.

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